Friday, November 25, 2016

The Spice Must Flow

It appears as if they are attempting, once again, to make a Dune movie.

This will be the third attempt, after David Lynch's famously overwrought box office bomb from 1984 and the Sci-Fi networks' kind-hearted decent effort at a miniseries that, sadly, still had the look of a movie-of-the-week, even if it was relatively faithful to the source material.

It's really a shame that no one could get it right (and, despite rumors to the contrary, it's doubtful that Alejandro Jodorowsky's ideas would be any more comprehensible than Lynch's version). I actually liked the 1984 version; it sort of fell apart at the end, but the first two hours or so are magnificent. It's clearly rushed at the end, and too many characters are given too little screen time and too much exposition, but the casting was perfect and the visuals were pretty good.

I like the Sci Fi version, too, but it clearly didn't have the budget it needed.

Dune is a great book (the sequels are decent, but pale to the first book...and don't get too many nerds started on the prequels, written by the estate after author Frank Herbert died). And while we're talking about the Dune franchise, I'll poke my head in and mention that the board game published in the 70's is rightly considered a classic, and sadly the Herbert estate won't permit a reprint.

There isn't much information to go off of for this new effort, but it seems that Hollywood is getting a lot better at producing good movies that work with the source material rather that fight it. Still, a lot of Dune is psychological, which is extraordinarily difficult to convert to the big screen, so we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully they get the casting right, take a few pages--nay, an entire book--from the Marvel Studios, and get it right. 

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