Monday, December 19, 2016

The Results Are In! The Winners of the 2016 Miserable Crank Awards Are...

What is the Worst Government Decision?

What is the Worst Technological Advance?

What is the Worst Sporting Event?
Ryan Lochte

What is the Most Embarrassing Thing? 
Militia Takeover in Oregon

What is the Worst Business Decision? 
Dakota Access Pipeline

What is the Worst Popular Trend? 
Clown Killings

What is the Worst Incident? 
Brussels Attacks

What is the Worst Entertainment? 
Oscars So White

Who is the Worst Person? 
Brock Turner

What is the Worst Inconvenience? 
Social Media Fake News

And finally...

 The 2016 Election

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  1. It is good to have a sarcasm level to the extent where there could be light and polite jokes, this blog has all of the requirements of a good sarcasm. It was funny to go through!