Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Hi! I fully realize that I haven't written in almost a month. That's by design.

I am going on a short-maybe-maybe-not hiatus for a bit. Nothing remarkable, but it boils down to two things: there's a few different projects that's going to be a time suck for me over the next few months, and I also feel like I need to recharge my creative batteries. No doubt I'll actually find the occasional post here and there, so I'm not going away, but the frequency of posts will absolutely be going down for a bit.

Quite frankly, part of it is current events; I used to love writing about politics and economics and current events, and that used to make up a bulk of my writing, but current events have been exhausting and (to be honest) uninteresting. And I feel like no matter what position I take I'm not going to present anything that is going to be of interest to anyone, so my motivation to do so is rather low.

I'm not a huge fan of posts that are basically "herp a derp derp I haven't posted so here's a post!" post, but since this may be an ongoing thing for a bit, I figured it's worth it.

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