Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wafer Thin

There's been talk that the NECCO company may be going bankrupt, and that makes me very, very sad.

As longtime readers know I love strange and unusual candy, and while NECCO is pretty mainstream they still have a very off-brand vibe. More importantly, if they do happen to go under, a lot of my favorite candies will go away (or, at least get disrupted.)

First things first--let's get this out of the way. NECCO Wafers are trash. They have no taste and when they do have a taste that taste is chalk. They are no good. I wouldn't even use them as ammunition. I know they are beloved by a lot of people, but whoof.

But the rest of their lineup is pretty good, even if a lot of them are different versions of more successful candy. They make Mary Janes and Candy Buttons and the bits of paper you swallow with Candy Buttons and Canada Mints and, apparently, at some point they acquired Clark Bars, which are great because you enjoy them once and then for the next two hours as you lick them off of the back of your teeth. These are all solid offerings and I wouldn't turn down any of them, even if their flagship product is a garbage dump.

However, the biggest prize is the vaunted Sky Bar. For those who don't know, Sky Bars are basically candy bars that have four different sections, each section a different flavor (caramel, fudge, nut, and marshmallow). While I'm pretty sure they downgraded the chocolate they used a few years ago, it's still a very unique offering that I still consider to be a treat. This would be my go-to candy when I would go to pharmacies when I was a kid, a habit I more or less kept up for the next twenty years or so.

I know how these things go--just like Hostess a few years ago, a lot of noise will be made, eventually someone will buy them out and start laying off people, they rebuild a little bit, probably screw some people over, and by and large we'll still get to buy them in stores. But NECCO is small enough that they may not make it. It also doesn't help that the CEO has apparently started a GoFundMe page--complete with misspelling "Massachusettes"--to save the company. (As of this writing, they've raised about $700 out of $20,000,000.)

So tomorrow, I'm probably stopping somewhere and getting some Sky Bars while I still can.

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